Episode Guide

Season 6

Episode Guide

German for Beginners and a Crazy Old Man with a Bat

S6 E20
May 11, 2023
The gambling room gets broken into and Sheldon wants to study abroad. Also, Missy makes a new friend.

An Ugly Car, an Affair and Some Kickass Football

S6 E6
Nov 03, 2022
George Sr. is asked to help with the football team. Also, Mandy discovers Georgie and Meemaw's secret business.

A Resident Advisor and the Word 'Sketchy'

S6 E5
Oct 27, 2022
At college, Sheldon decides to expand his responsibilities and become a dorm resident advisor. Also, Meemaw and Dale make a sketchy business deal and Mary and George Sr. rekindle their romance.

Future Worf and the Margarita of the South Pacific

S6 E2
Oct 06, 2022
Sheldon and Missy try to help the family's finances. Also, Mary struggles to find her footing without the church.

Four Hundred Cartons of Undeclared Cigarettes and a Niblingo

S6 E1
Sep 29, 2022
George Sr. bails Meemaw and Georgie out of jail. Also, Sheldon and Missy meet Mandy (Emily Osment), and Mary feels unwelcome at church.