Checklist: Power Up Productivity

ServiceNow releases the Now Platform San Diego to meet the demands of digital transformation and boost productivity.
Posted on Apr 14, 2022 | 12:25pm
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Organizations have had it hard the past couple of years. From the great resignation to remote work to supply chain breakdowns, it’s been challenging to meet unexpected spikes in demand. That’s where ServiceNow steps in to save the work-day.

The cutting-edge Now Platform San Diego release answers to the seismic shifts in the global workforce and economy. ServiceNow platform customers across all industries can tap into tools that power up productivity, unleash the potential of hyperautomation, and empower digital-first leaders to create smarter, faster and better ways of working.

With the release of the Now Platform San Diego, ServiceNow’s 70+ million active users can bank on the benefits of enhanced platform personalization, next-gen visual design, enhanced cross-team collaboration, and the use of machine learning to assign tasks and recommend actions. With way too many features for us to share here, we suggest you pop over to ServiceNow and check out the workforce platform that will drive your organization away from yesterday into tomorrow! servicenow.com