Checklist: Make Your Retirement Dreams A Reality

AIG Retirement Services launches a self-directed retirement planning platform that puts your future in your own hands.
Posted on Jun 18, 2021 | 10:30am
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Introducing the latest, most intuitive, and easy to use platform for retirement planning by AIG Retirement Services. Designed for nonprofit and public sector employees, Retirement Pathfinder® presents a powerful digital experience that helps participants define their retirement goals and expectations, answer key retirement-related questions, and map out a clear path to retirement.

AIG's self-directed planning helps you realistically consider and plan for important factors like retirement age, how you envision retirement, your plans for travel, where to live, your hobbies, and much more. Plus, AIG's highly interactive self-directed platform allows for real-time adjustments to savings strategies and retirement age based on financial fluctuations. You can bring all your assets and accounts onto your AIG dashboard, and whether you want to consult a financial advisor or keep matters in your own hands, this retirement planning tool works however you want to work it.

"We want our customers to see how the financial decisions they are making today can help create the future they envision for themselves and their family," said Gilliane Isabelle, Chief Distribution Officer, AIG Retirement Services. "Retirement Pathfinder is extraordinarily intuitive and highly visual, delivering easy-to-understand answers to critical retirement planning questions."

Photo Credit: JohnnyGreig/Getty Images