Checklist: A Dog's Best Friend

Zoetis' chewable Simparica offers superior flea-and-tick protection—and even vets agree!
Posted on Jul 22, 2021 | 12:00pm
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"It's not just a feeling anymore," says Lumberton, NC, veterinary practice owner Michael Schindler, VMD, when describing his experience switching from another brand of chewable flea-and-tick killer for dogs to Zoetis' Simparica. "It's a number [of patient success stories] that can be replicated by anyone." The liver-flavored chewable tablets--given once monthly--start killing fleas within 8 hours, start killing 5 species of ticks within 3 hours, and offer 35 days of protection that doesn't wane at the month's end.

Describing a recent increase in his practice's overall value simply due to Simparica's superior efficacy and lower cost, Dr. Schindler stands firm on the idea that the switch to Simparica was not only the fairest move for his clients and their dogs, but by extension, a way of establishing his practice as the real, put-your-patients-first deal. Check out Dr. Schindler's story here

Talk to your veterinarian to see Simparica is right for your dog. For product information, prescribing information, medication guide, and possible side effects, visit

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