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Jackson Fox
Jackson Fox
Name: Jackson Fox
Age: 48
Hometown: Pasadena, TX
Current Residence: Houston, TX
Occupation: Healthcare Worker

Favorite Hobbies: Puzzling, weightlifting and dog walker.

3 Words to Describe You: Kind, dedicated and assertive.

Pet Peeve: Unorganized, no schedules and people who don’t get to the point

What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? Starting and running my own company.

What is something we would never know from looking at you? I used to be a girl. I’m covered in tattoos. I’m a big softy when it comes to animals. I’m a collector of hurt or abandoned animals.

Who is your hero and why? My mom. No question. She had grace until the end. Her faith was unmatched. She was an awesome person. Not just a mother, but as a whole. I could only strive to be half the person she was.

Which past Survivor will you play the game most like? Elaine! Biscuit all the way. She was hard-working, confident, resilient and played a hell of a mind game! You couldn’t not like her.

Why do you believe you can be the Sole Survivor? I believe it will be mentally, physically, emotionally and socially the hardest thing I’ll ever tend to do. It will break me down and challenge every aspect of my being – but I know that I am a survivor in life, and this will just be another aspect I will crush.